reconized for: Trustworthiness
Jack Henry, 'Dare to Be' Award

Award Transcript:

"Our 'Dare to Be' winner today is for Trustworthy. Some excerpts from a nomination illustrate the value this person brings to the team. Statements like:
“The energy, creativity, and kindness that Carrie brings to every project and her assigned tasks have instilled the utmost faith and trust that the items she designs will be great.
"Communicates extremely well every step of the way”
“Fantastic partner and collaborator”
“Timely, if not ahead of schedule”
These are just some of the components that really set this team member apart. From personal experience, I can attest to all of these. This designer, who is just a few weeks away from her one year anniversary with us, makes it so easy to work with her. She has excellent attention to detail, ensures she is asking any questions she needs to get it right the first time, and outputs quality work."
FROM: Rachel Saxton, Stretch Shapes LLC
Graphic Design Manager

I am writing this letter to express my enthusiastic recommendation of Carrie Chupp. My name is Rachel Saxton and I am the in-house Graphic Design Manager for Stretch Shapes, a company specializing in creating decor solutions from fabrics that stretch.
The work required of a Graphic Designer at our organization is greatly varied and oftentimes even proprietary due to the nature of our large format dye sublimation print offerings. Through all of the proprietary process teachings, Carrie remained undaunted by the breadth of new information, she always showed curiosity and asked the right questions, and ultimately, she showed complete mastery of the tasks. On top of this, she thrived in our highly deadline-based environment, delivering finished products that were both accurate and timely.
Beyond the more specialized dye sublimation tasks, Carrie also showed incredible skill in all things Photoshop and quickly became our go-to team member for photo editing. Our products are set up in a number of different environments by buyers of all skill levels. Because of this, photos received for marketing often require touch ups. There wasn’t a glaring shadow on a structure at an outdoor event or a crookedly installed seam that was a match for Carrie. She took challenging edits and made them
look easy.
While technical skills are of course fundamental, I’m writing this letter of recommendation primarily for the personal touches that Carrie brings to a team. I am a firm believer that in a professional sense, more important than almost anything is a can-do attitude and a willingness to face challenges with positivity. Carrie exemplifies this idea. She never shied away from approaching something new. Aside from this, she is the type of coworker that you’re thrilled to work with.
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