Jack Henry Internal Guides - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Guide
Lead Graphic Designer
The Jack Henry Marketing Team has regularly brought me on board to design written materials that are delivered to sales, blogs and employees. Guides, handbooks and other miscellaneous materials are often inspired by elements of previous designs, but designed from scratch. The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Guide was made with new design elements that complimented the message that we feel is most important: JH is an all inclusive environment that values doing the right thing above all else. This was visually showcased with a diverse selection of photos, round shapes, soft 'earth' tones and light lettering to create a rather personable feel.

My part in the process involved taking the lead in creating the template, choosing the photos, creating the graphics, importing the copy, designing the entire layout, and presenting to our Human Resources after initial design review with management. 
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